Connect your mobile apps with real-time messages in minutes.

Vines cloud connects your apps together with real-time messages and storage. No software to install, no servers to configure and maintain. You build great iPhone and Android apps. We provide the server-side scalability.

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Real-time messages between your apps

Games, group chat, dashboards, live collaboration and notifications are perfect apps for two-way, real-time data. Your application can simply send and receive messages and let Vines cloud worry about routing them to the right place, instantly.

Lightning fast database storage

Deploying and maintaing database servers is a complex task that distracts from building a great user experience in your app. Vines cloud provides a schema-less database for storing JSON documents behind a RESTful API. No tables to define, no migrations to run. You can be storing data minutes after signing up.

iOS + Android + Web

Vines cloud is an easy way to send messages between your cross-platform apps for iPhone and Android. And, of course, desktop, server-side and web apps can join in as well. Connect your entire infrastructure through one common, secure, messaging system.

No lock-in with standards & open source

Because Vines cloud is based on industry-standard XMPP technology, it works seamlessly with existing development frameworks and tools. And your data always belongs to you, so you can take it with you whenever you need. To top it all off, the Vines XMPP server, at the heart of the service, is open source!